When the Brain Treatment Center (BTC) came along in early 2018 to explore ways the foundation could be of benefit to their patients, it was a natural fit. Starting in June of 2018 Sailing Fascination has been sharing the therapeutic benefits of a day on the water to BTC patients while learning to sail.  

The aim of BTC is to help people struggling with PTSD and TBI get a new chance at life.  The centers objective is to help reduce problems associated with neurological issues, frequently resulting from PTSD and TBI, by restoring the brain to optimal neurological activity.
Studies show that individuals with neurological disorders tend to have abnormal brain connectivity, specifically disrupted neuronal connections.

As pioneers in the use of Magnetic e-Resonance Therapy (MeRTSM treatment), they deliver a non-invasive neuromodulation technology aimed at improving the way the brain processes information and restoring optimal brain activity.

As a result, following MeRTSM treatment people have reported such benefits as better sleep, better concentration and focus, greater ability to cope with stress, better mood and improved clarity and memory.

What is Magnetic e-Response Therapy?  An individualized approach to brain stimulation.Through MeRTSM technology BTC is able to uniquely image and map the brain to reveal areas that aren’t communicating properly. Then they use the individual’s data to develop a personalized approach to brain stimulation, aimed at optimizing the brain’s activity to the individual’s optimal frequency.

If you know of anyone who struggles with PTSD or TBI that you feel could benefit from spending some time on the water, please have them reach out to the foundation.

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“Having severe PTSD and TBI, I spend a lot of time thinking my days are numbered, and always feel like I want to run away. So it was really great to feel the wind in my face.”
- As featured in U.S. Veterans Magazine
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