About The Program

In early 2013, Sailing Fascination began an outreach into the Wounded Warrior/First Responder world with the idea that so many war veterans’ lives have been impacted as a result of serving their country that perhaps Sailing Fascination could also have an impact on their lives: a positive one.

Through continuous efforts to connect with and learn of these veterans, they found that, unfortunately, many have returned from their tours with symptoms of PTSD and the ravage caused by this insidious disorder. As a humanitarian organization Sailing Fascinations’ desire is to introduce, once again, the peace and serenity that can be found outside of these warriors’ heads. Where Sailing Fascination calls home, the open air and smell of the ocean, they are blessed to have an abundance of both. Since the humble beginnings of this new chapter of the foundation, a veteran bonding with family members and crew mates is something they never saw coming, but is a benefit they don’t take lightly. In fact, there are many things they don’t see coming… yet good things seem to happen anyway. Sailing Fascination is in awe of the sacrifices made on all our behalf and feel honored and blessed to be able to give a little something back.

If you know of any veteran that you believe could benefit from some ‘time on the water’, would you please have them reach out to the foundation?

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“Having severe PTSD and TBI, I spend a lot of time thinking my days are numbered, and always feel like I want to run away. So it was really great to feel the wind in my face.”
- As featured in U.S. Veterans Magazine
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